Monday, April 25, 2011

Howl at the Moon Registration for 2011

Howl at the Moon 8-Hour Run registration opened up this past weekend...and there are already over 100 entrants!  Better register soon or it'll fill up.  I think they accept about 325 runners.  Fortunately, there are online and paper/mail-in registration forms. No excuses for you!  The race is on Saturday, August 13 in Kennekuk Cove County Park in Danville, IL.  Hope to see you running those 3.29-mile loops in the summer heat and humidity of central Illinois.  It's actually a lot funner than it sounds.  You pass people, they pass you, you chat, catch up with old friends, meet new friends, and keep going for 8 hours.  This is my favorite race of the year...and of all time.  Kennekuk Road Runners put on a fabulous event with great support and camaraderie.  I'm already signed up...are you?  Free camping, free music, free beer.  What's not to like?  Sign up now!

I've run this race 10 times.  Last year was my worst ever for a variety of reasons.  You can read that race report here.  This year will be different.  I plan on a personal best.  Maybe 50 miles!  Hey, I'm already in the Howl "Hall of Fame"--time to live up to that honor.

My current Howl at the Moon statistics:

Total Races: 10
Low: 33.9 miles (2010)
High: 47.06 miles (2006, 2008)
Total Miles: 426.08
Average Miles: 42.6
Best Placing: 12th (2005)
Worst Placing: 99th (2010)

Depending on how well my training goes, I might be able to place in the top 10 this year. That's right, I said "top 10"--it's possible.  There are usually over 300 runners.  I'd settle for top 10% (30th place or higher).  Even my poor finish last year (33.9 miles and 99th place) had me in the top half of all the starters (332 registered, 284 starters).  Can't wait until 2012 when I'll break 500 lifetime Howl miles.  That's worth a few howls at the moon!!!


Jim said...

See you at the "Howl", Chris! I also see you have the Hallucination 100 on your calendar for Sept. I'm planning to run that as well. Maybe we can work together to get through the nighttime loops.

Ian said...

My first ultra. Need to go back one day but not this year. Good luck Mr M

ed said...

Hey, I've been out of touch lately! I'll add a few comments to catch up:

POTAWATOMI -- Nice report! It was fun to be able to run with you . . . I think the last time was at the park too. You did Great -- "Regular Man" -- I don't buy that.

SMOKIES -- did I miss the pix & account?

SANDY MEMORIAL -- your remembrance of your sister brings tears to my eyes . . . . and warmth to my heart.

IBRD -- a good day to get back into it.

HOWL -- sounds like a lot of fun, a little too warm for me, good luck!

Chris said...

Thanks for the set of comments. You didn't miss Smoky Mtn pics. I uploaded mine, but haven't gotten my friend's links yet. I'll link to my pics today.

Hallucination 100 is on my calendar--but I'm not signed up yet. We'll see.

Love the Howl. It was my first ultra too. Hot, humid, sunny, loop after loop...what more could you ask for?

Jess said...

Craziness I tell you! That's awesome! Can't wait to read all about the experience!

Chris said...


It is a bit crazy...but the good kind of crazy!