Monday, May 16, 2011

Ready for CRUD 8-Hour Race?

It's only 5 days until the CRUD 8-Hour trail run this Saturday at Jubilee State Park just west of Peoria, IL.  I ran the inaugural race last year and ended up with 35 miles and 5th place overall (35 starters in the solo event).  That race report with short video can be found in my May 24, 2010 blog post.  I would have logged more miles, but it was a hot day and the trails were muddy and wet.  Seriously...lots of standing water and slick mud.  I'm not trying to make excuses for my overall miles (well, maybe I am)...the day was hot, humid, & sunny and the trail was muddy and wet. The 3-mile loop course had 4-5 hills and it was tough getting up, and back down, those after the runners churned up the mud. I still loved the race and am looking forward to this weekend.

This year there should be more runners.  Still time to register if you are in the central Illinois area!  Anyway, here are the current pre-registration stats:

Solo 8-Hour = 53
Team Relay 8-Hour = 6 teams
Solo 24-Hour = 12
Team Relay 24-Hour = 2 teams

Yes, this year they added a 24 hour run.  They start Friday afternoon and finish with the 8-hour runners on Saturday afternoon.  Should be pretty cool. My ego will get a nice boost when I pass those poor suckers who've been out there for a long time when I am still fresh. Of course, after 6-7 hours, some of the 24 hour folks may kick my ass!

So, am I ready for this 8-hour race?  I am getting in better shape, and have a bit of speed back, but my overall endurance is just missing.  I have very few long runs in me this year...but I'm holding onto hope that my Potawatomi 50 mile run (April 9) has left my body and mind with needed endurance and discipline.  Come Saturday afternoon, I'll know where I stand in terms of endurance and stamina. My "real" race for this summer is the August 13 Howl at the Moon 8-hour run.  Having this 8-hour trail run 3 months before Howl is'll give me a baseline for training and should kick start some serious running over the next few weeks. I'm in worse shape than last year at this time, but well-rested.  If we get a series of dry days this week, the trails should be in good shape compared to last year.  The forecast for the weekend has highs in the mid-70s with a chance of thunderstorms. Delightful.


Jess said...

That all sounds WAY cool! Hope it was a great event!

Chris said...

I'll have a race report next week...I'm both anxious and excited about the CRUD 8-hour trail race!

jeff said...

Chris, Sammy W. dying is very sad...sounds like a case of young talent gets lots of money, drinks too much, bad company...too bad. still remember his amazing oly run.
does your work slow down now that school is out...working alot and long runs do not mix well...good luck sat...would you be happy w/ 40 miles?

Chris said...

I'd be happy with 40 miles on Saturday.

Brad said...


Is this year a totally different loop than last year? It sure looks like it.


Chris said...


They did say it's "changed" but I don't know if it is 100% different.

Garou said...

The course map looks like a lot of it is going to be new. I should do better than last year, but since I barely did a marathon distance last year, it should not be too hard. I just have to beware the chair, and not stop to rest "briefly."

Thinking about trying to run at least part of it in Vibrams, but I haven't decided yet.

Chris said...


I'm thinking about a few loops in the Vibrams too...maybe just the "bonus" short laps during the final 45 minutes.