Thursday, May 19, 2011

This Is Where Trouble Starts

I'm getting in good shape...and this is where trouble starts for me!  I start thinking I'm better than I am.  I start running more, running faster, and running longer. I start running fast intervals and hill repeats.  I start thinking I can set new personal records at a local 5K...or 10K...or marathon...or 100 mile race.  Indeed, I may be able to set a new PR, but doubtful I can do it across all distances.  And guess what happens?  I get injured.  Wiser to settle on a target race and dedicate your training toward doing your best at that one distance.  Knock it off and move to another distance.  It's a logical progression that keeps your training moving, but keeps your ego in check.  You can't do everything at once. Be realistic.

So, this is essentially a post to myself (and anyone in a similar frame of mind)...if your running is starting to improve, and your feeling a little frisky, don't go overboard.  Hold back.  Pick a goal and progress slowly toward it.  The turtle wins over the least in terms of overall training.  Slow and steady.  During a race I may want to transform into a hare and show some speed.  In my daily running I want to be disciplined and smooth.  I need to stay realistic in my training and racing goals.  Depending on how this Saturday's 8-hour trail race goes, I have a few plans in mind for next week and beyond.  I'll unveil them on Monday.  I'm pretty sure I've decided what I'm doing on June 11 too...but let's not get ahead of ourselves...tomorrow I am taking the day off from running and Saturday, weather permitting, I'm going to run a level-headed and solid race that will set me up for a great summer.


GTI said...

Stick to the plan, Stan. And have fun at the CRUD this weekend. Please tell Big Z and Mike I say hello!

Chris said...


I'll say "hi" to Mike and Adam for ya. Looks like we may have some rain Friday and could get muddy and wet. I plan on enjoying the event and doping the best I can no matter the conditions. I may not be in top shape, but I'm uninjured and well rested!

trice said...

Have fun. Be positive. Be a buffalo.