Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Simulate Howl at the Moon?

This evening's run was ridiculous.  It felt like I was running in the 6th hour of the 8-Hour Howl at the Moon race. Hot, humid, sunny...stomach problems, tired, slow, sweaty, dehydrated. But not hungry.  I ate a full dinner less than an hour before running in the 106 heat index weather. My stomach was bloated from beginning to end.  I ate, drank a bunch of water, tossed back an electrolyte pill and ran the 5-mile trail.  I was miserable from start to finish. And it felt good too.  It really did feel like I was at the end of an ultramarathon. My mind was still fresh (that was new) but my body felt like crap.  And I barely made it home in time to visit the "restroom." It wasn't pretty.  But within an hour of finishing the run, I had washed up, changed clothes, and felt pretty good. Still thirsty, but not nauseous. This nasty run had an upside...I'm more prepared for Howl than I would have been with a "regular" run.  Doubt I'll intentionally try to repeat this "training tactic"--but it was a good reminder of what I'm trying to prepare for on August 13.

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