Monday, July 18, 2011

Training is Working?

I think my training is working.  Or not.  I had a fantastic 18 mile trail run on Saturday and a short 5 miler Sunday.  Things felt pretty good on both runs. Then I ran this morning (Monday) and felt like shit.  What's up?  Is my training working...or not? Lots of up and downs. Seems like this has been true for the last 2-3 weeks.  Cycles of up and down. Terrible run followed by good run. Is it weather related?  Recovery related?  Work related?  Psychological?  Hell, I don't know. I'd be lying if I said I didn't care.  I do. Thought things were coming together.  Maybe they are...just not this morning.  My lungs are sill bothering me, but getting a bit better--maybe the allergy meds are finally working.

I'm going to continue my VanAaken/Lydiard/Malmo/Maffetone/Mittleman training plan based on effort and heart rates.  Keeping it easy (<150 HR) for all runs.  If that means walking, then I walk.  The heat is forcing me to slow down.  Frustrating at times, but for now, I still have faith that training is working.  I do seem stronger.  I recover from long runs, and hot runs, quicker than I did 4-5 weeks ago.  I need to continue focusing on lots of easy miles and long runs. It's all about getting ready for Howl at the Moon 8-Hour race. Slightly less than 4 weeks to go. Too late to change strategies now.  Keep the faith! (Yes, that's a link to a previous post--check it out). You gotta believe in SOMETHING.  Not sure where faith and reason collide, but I'm sticking to my training plan until August 13th. Once the race begins, I'll rely on reason and logic as far as I can...but eventually every ultra runner switches over to faith and self, others, higher being...whatever gets you though the last miles!

I'll let you know if I bounce back tomorrow. It's only getting hotter and more humid...this whole week! Still, I can persevere and come back strong.


jeff said...

training working ?? long days, short days, good days, bad days...sounds like it s working to're doing more mileage than ever in very hot temps, its a drag and you realize that heat saps you...its nothing a couple runs w/ jeff will not fix


Chris said...

Very true Jeff! This morning's run with you may have been a struggle for YOU, but not ME. Nice and easy and felt good. Ready for more. You'll get back in the swing of things once your body adjusts to the new diet.

You're right about total miles and the heat. I've been getting in consistent "high" mileage (for me) even in this heat...guess that counts for SOMETHING. I'm sticking with Ernst Van Aaken and trying to keep the HR under 150 as a peak and around 130 as an average.

ed said...

Let's see, good/bad/good/bad -- just make sure a good falls on race day. Really, I hope this cycle doesn't get you down . . . anyone training in this kind of heat is going to show the effects one way or another.

Chris said...

Thanks Ed. And I think of you and others I know that would love to be out there running everyday...good, bad, or not. I'm pretty lucky and need to appreciate what I have--health, family, happiness, etc.

As always...hang in there!