Monday, July 11, 2011

Worst Run of the Year

This morning's run was my worst in a looooooong time.  Maybe the worst this whole year. Maybe the worst ever.  I ran a fairly normal route--roads and bike path at Lake of the Woods.  Kept the pace easy, but I felt sluggish and tired from start to finish.  I wanted to cut the run short, but I ended up doing the full 10k route.  Barely finished without walking.  It just sucked!  I'm pretty sure it's a combination of being tired from this weekend's longish runs of 15+ and 11+ miles and the unearthly warmth and humidity we had this morning.  At 5:45am it was 76 degrees and close to 100% humidity.  Later today we'll easily break 100 heat index.  Usually these early morning runs let me beat the heat...not today!  I'm still struggling with allergies...or something with my I'm not getting the best sleep either.  Plus, I tend to cough a lot at the end of my runs.  Maybe I'm finally getting fatigued with the increase in weekly miles?  Whatever it is, it sucks, and I want it to change.

My plan for the next few days when it'll continue to be hot and humid:

1. Concentrate on getting plenty of fluids and electrolytes
2. Run easy and take walking breaks
3. Run shorter distances (nothing over 8 miles)
4. Skip some scheduled double-days this week
5. Sleep more (and dose up on Benadryl Sudafed and Zyrtec)
6. If REALLY needed, take a day off from running

Hope you are running in cooler and dryer temperatures.  If not, take it easy out there.  Remember, all of these crappy weather running days will make us stronger.  At least that's what some philosopher guy said...

"That which does not kill us makes us stronger."
Friedrich Nietzsche


Janice said...

Humidity is nasty to run in. I'd blame the run on the weather! One thing for always gets better:)

Chris said...


I hope you are right! Humidity is the WORST. I can take a dry 90 degree day...but humidity is a killer.

Adam L. said...

Having taken the dog out around 6 this morning and feeling how gross it was, I decided to get friendly with the gym this week.

Most air conditioned place on campus!

Chris said...


I should go to my gym...but I hate the treadmill...and I'm TRYING to get heat acclimated for that darn Danville 8-hour ultra in August!

jeff said...

118 heat index at 5pm!!...that's not heat training, that death valley training...dew pt was 81

Jess said...

I SO know that feeling!! I think you have a fantastic plan though and wish you cooler temps and more comfortable/enoyable run the next day!

Chris said...

Thanks Jess. Felt better already today. Little cooler, little less humid, and a lot slower pace.