Thursday, July 14, 2011

Running is Simple

If you run, you'll become a "better" runner. Running is beautiful in its simplicity.  If you run far, you'll gain endurance.  If you run fast, you'll gain speed.  Run a lot of miles, you'll get stronger and build a serious aerobic base.  There are no short-cuts.  That's the beauty of the sport!  You get out of it what you put into it. If you skip runs, then you'll lose.  If you are consistent, then you win.  Of course, if you have a specific goal in mind, then you'll need to tailor your training toward that goal.  I want to run well at my next race on August 13.  It's an 8-hour run held on a 3+ mile loop course.  It'll likely be sunny, hot, and humid.  The course isn't hilly, just a basic mix of trail and road with slight elevation changes.  Two aid stations on the loop--about 1.5 miles apart.  So my training priorities are the following (in order of importance):

1. Long runs (15+ mile runs at easy pace to develop endurance)
2. High total weekly mileage (build an aerobic base)
3. Run in the heat (acclimate to hot weather)
4. Short barefoot runs (build foot strength...and be cool!)

Pretty simple.  No speed work needed. The long runs can be done at an easy pace with run and walk intervals. I need to test out eating and drinking schedules during the runs.  How much water and Gatorade should I consume?  How many electrolyte pills per hour?  What kinds of food work for me?  I've been testing anti-chaff lubricants too.  And I'll start to take ginger chews and Tums to calm my stomach during the longer, hotter runs. 

See, running is simple.  One foot in front of the other. Repeat.  If you are training for a race, try to emulate what that race will require of you.  Trails? Hills? Speed? Distance? Heat? Cold? If you prepare yourself in training, the race will be a piece of cake.  Hope I'm saying that the evening of August 13.


Janice said...

I'd love to hear how the ginger chews and tums pills work out. I've not tried that. Mostly my strategy for upset stomach on long runs is to suffer! I'm definitely up for a better option:)

Jess said...

Such very simple and very true advice that can sometimes be hard to follow! I will keep this in my head for the summer!

Chris said...

I'll try to follow my own advice. I'll let people know if the ginger chews, or Tums, help calm my stomach on the longer runs.