Sunday, August 21, 2011

Invisible Shoes

I tried out my new "Invisible Shoes" running sandals yesterday.  They were "interesting."  I need a few more runs in them, with a few adjustments in the strapping system, to fully review them.  I think they may work out well as a barefoot alternative.  Right now, they flop around a bit too much. After I tighten the fit, I'll report back again.  Mine have the newer sole material ("Feel True" outsole, not the Vibram they utilized in the past) and you get excellent contact with the ground with just a bit of protection. The sandal kits cost around $25-30. I bought the 6mm sole (slightly thicker for trail running).  They offer a 4mm outsole too.


Anonymous said...

Do keep us posted on your thoughts. I have a pair and they don't flop around much, so some minor adjustments should make a huge difference for you.

Chris said...

Will do. I'm excited about trying them out after a few minor adjustments.