Thursday, August 11, 2011

Motivation to Race? SMx4

I've had some motivation problems in training and racing in the past. I give up when the going gets tough...or somehow rationalize that it would be better to slow down or stop. With Howl at the Moon 8-Hour ultra coming in just 2 days, I'd like to think this year will be different. Last year, Howl was my worst race ever.  Yes, ever. But I had good excuses.  My mother had passed away just the week before.  And the week before my mother's death I was in Canada "doing" the Canadian Death Race...which ended in an undeserved DNF (pulled from the course at an incorrect and too-early cut-off time).  I was tired physically and emotionally. That was last year, this is this year. I am physically in better shape. I'm well rested, but also well trained. I'm also fairly well heat acclimated (hard to do that in the Canadian Rockies--easier in central Illinois).

Of course, not all is well this year.  Just last week, one of my dear pets (Scunthorpe the degu) passed away after surgery. That's him in the picture above. Cute, eh? He was the best degu ever...and one of the best pets anyone could dream of having. So this year I will run thinking about my mother, my degu, my sister (who passed away several years ago), and my wife--who is alive and kicking, but would rather not have me running crazy ultras in the heat. All of these individuals have the same first and last initials: SM. Not sure if that's a creepy coincidence, or just reality that "S" is a pretty common starting initial for names.  Whatever the reason, I will be running for Sandy (my sister), Stella (my mom), Scunthorpe (my degu), and Sharon (my wife).  It's a family affair and I must run to honor the clan!  OK, that's a bit overdone.  I simply need to do my best, see where that takes me, and enjoy the ride. Howl at the Moon is going to be great.  Wish me well.

Oh yeah, while "SM" (x4) serves as my primary motivator, it just so happens that "S&M" is my buffalo nickname. Interesting. S&M runs for SM, SM, SM, and SM. Coincidence? Maybe. Anyway, I'll try to enjoy the day, remember my lost loved ones, and appreciate my dear wife. That should keep me going for about 40 miles...then it's all S&M to the finish line!


Sharon said...

Should I be worried that I'm the only SM left? Maybe I should avoid the Salmon Mousse...

PS: The operative word is "kicking."

Motivation said...

I love the quotes, "Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional." this is so true..It's always good to feel pain of discipline than feel pain of regret.