Friday, August 12, 2011

Why is Howl at the Moon So Special?

Only one day until the big race.  What race?  Seriously?


There are tons of reasons I love the Howl at the Moon 8-Hour ultra. Here are a few:
  • Close to where I live
  • Organized by my local running club
  • Largest timed ultra in the USA
  • Tons of friends run it
  • Lots of friends volunteer
  • Long history of the race
  • Inexpensive entrance fee
  • Free beer (before and after)
  • Free camping (before and after)
  • Great aid stations (and access to own car on course)
  • Inducted me into their Hall of Fame!
And if you know the right volunteers, and impress them just enough, you may even get an extra bonus award after a few years...

That is one sweet belt buckle! Now you know a few reasons why I love this race. I've run this classic event 10 times. Tomorrow will be my 11th Howl at the Moon race.  Next year (2012) I should easily break 500 total miles at Howl. Here are my current statistics:

Total Races: 10
Low: 33.9 miles (2010)
High: 47.06 miles (2006, 2008)
Total Miles: 426.08
Average Miles: 42.6
Best Placing: 12th (2005)
Worst Placing: 99th (2010)

How will 2011 turn out?  Will it be a new high?  New low?  Average?  I don't know...but I already have that sweet buckle and I'm in the race Hall of Fame...what more can I ask for?  It's an annual reunion of running friends from around the country. No matter the miles, it'll be good.  It's not just's running with friends. Ultra friends.  Best of luck to all the runners and walkers.

Weather forecast for Danville, IL on Saturday, August 13:
Low: Mid 60s
High: Low 80s
Mostly Cloudy, 70% chance of rain (possible thunderstorm)


trice said...

I will crush you.

Chris said...

That's a bit extreme. ;-)

Let's plan on all of us having a good day and see where the chips fall.

BTW, I will CRUSH you Mr T Rex.