Friday, September 23, 2011

New Balance Gets Minimal Trail Running

For a big-time shoe company, I'm very impressed with New Balance.  I run mostly trails and I want a "barefoot" style trail shoe--lightweight, minimal support & cushioning, reasonable traction, wide forefoot, flexible, with a low heel (preferably zero drop). Other companies make their trail shoes like huge army boots...they just don't get it!  New Balance seems on the right track.  Check out these two short videos from the company (via Running Warehouse) advertising their upcoming MT00 (March 2012) and MT110 (January 2012).  If I can just wait until next year, these may be my dream shoes!

MT00 (zero drop and 4.4 ounces):

MT110 (4mm drop):


Heidi Carpenter Designs said...

agree, Chris, love new balance shoes!

Chris said...

They've worked pretty well for me over the years. Like them even more lately. NB "gets" this minimalist thing--which is where I'm going. Barefoot plus minimal shoes is my future.