Friday, October 7, 2011

24 Hours Until Next Ultramarathon

I have 24 hours until I start the Farmdale 33 mile trail race!  I'm both excited and relieved. I have not run much (or well) the last three weeks...and that makes me nervous.  I'm not ready for another ultra. Of course, since I'm not feeling prepared, the pressure is off to perform.  I won't get a personal record and it won't be pretty out there after 4-5 hours on the trail. Forecast high temperature is 83 degrees with lots of sun. I'll be a middle of the pack runner...maybe slower.  Time to relax and enjoy.  So, I'm a little relieved.

I hope to post a full 33 miles on my DailyMile page Saturday afternoon.  Hope it's not a DNF.


Ian said...

Good luck Chris. Still remember my one trip to Farmdale and doing the 8 mile and making it 9 miles as I missed a well marked turn while chatting to Kelly and following Bonnie & co who also missed the turn. Hmm where did that river come from, we can't cross that, must be in the wrong place. We was. Looking forward to hearing how it goes. Just have Fun.

Chris said...

Thanks Ian. It just running...might as well enjoy it. Why run if it's not fun?