Sunday, October 2, 2011

Running Free...and Bare

I did a short barefoot run this afternoon. It felt good to "run free"--just me and my feet. No shoes. No watch. No race. No pressure. The trail and my two feet. Need to do that more often. Too bad winter will be closing in on Illinois soon. I hope to get in more barefoot runs this fall before the freezing temperatures hit my area.

After the run, I found this video in a post on the google minimalist listserv.  It's a good reminder about barefoot running and how simple it is...and how it's natural, good for you, and fun. Check out the "Mustache Man" and his YouTube video about barefoot running:

The background music is from Iron Maiden, it's a song called "Running Free."  Great band, great song.


Jess said...

Very cool. :)

Chris said...

Thanks. I liked it too.