Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Skunk on the Trail!

Running in the early morning, before the sun comes up, has its advantages.  You slap your headlamp on and hit the road and trail all by yourself. Few other humans around...but lots of animals.  I see deer and rabbits almost every single morning. Today I ran into a skunk. He was right on the trail and didn't seem like he was moving. Just a slow waddle along the grass trail. I waited about 30 seconds and then turned around and found another path. If I shouted or threw something at the skunk, he probably would have scampered into the prairie. But why bother him?  It's his "home" I'm running through. I don't want him and his skunk friends coming to my house harassing me!  Live and let live. I feel lucky seeing so much wildlife on my daily runs--deer, rabbits, birds, coyote, fox, and even mysterious squirrels!  They're all good.

On the running route posted here, you'll see a section that seems to "dead end" in the middle of nowhere--that's where my skunk friend greeted me and I turned around. No harm, no foul. I wonder what would have happened if I didn't have my light and I just stumbled upon him without seeing him?  Mr. Skunk probably would have run off the trail and into the safety of the prairie...or maybe stood his ground and sprayed me! I'll keep my headlamp, thank you very much.


Jay said...

Sounds familiar. I was training for a marathon this fall and wanted to get in 20 miles before going to a wedding on a Saturday morning. I bumped into a skunk at 5 a.m. and counted myself lucky that I didn't get sprayed. Since I was the pastor officiating the wedding its REALLY a good thing I survived unscathed. It gave me something to think about for a good part of the run and helped the time go by more quickly.

jar said...

twice in the last 2 weeks running on the road thru lake at the woods in the dark saw a shunk off the side of the road near the golf course....there has been several turkey on the trails also this fall