Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Running Loot

I ended up with some nice running gifts on Christmas Day--five running books, two shirts, and one DVD (see photo). Plus, an IOU on another DVD that may arrive today ("Unbreakable"--the latest Western States 100 documentary). Sweet loot from the wife! Thanks wifey. I now have 139 books in my running library. The books are also listed on the side of this blog via "My Library" link. Guess I should stop writing and start reading.

Hope everyone had a merry Christmas.  The new year is around the corner...that means a blog post looking back on 2011...and plans for 2012.

NOTE: The running streak is still alive. Today is day 33 of a planned 100-day streak.


Ian said...

Wow, nice haul Chris. Let me know what Unbreakable is like when you get it (PS no mail today, it's Boxing Day LOL). Like those T shirts a lot, I need to get one.

Chris said...


The shirts came form No Meat Athlete on the web:

Boxing Day. Another Chelsea draw!

Ian said...

I've been on that site before.

Boxing Day. Another United win!

janak said...

Nice to have the largest personal running library! But I have a serious question. Aren't you by now a running expert already? What can you learn more than you know from these books? I do enjoy stories about running - like "Born to run" but not advice. I get advice from fellow runners which is personal and to the point.

Chris said...

Hey Old Professor Janak,

Can't we always continue to learn? The books mainly serve as motivators, but I usually learn one or two new things.

David said...

Marshall Ulrich's book is very interesting, and certainly not a "how to" book. The Charlie Engle angle was fascinating, especially after having seen the movie "Running the Sahara" and then his subsequent incarceration. Also, Marshall was a really personable guy to my wife when she met him at the Boston Expo this Spring.

Chris said...


Marshall is a really nice guy--met him at Badwater and he was the most humble and low-key runner around.

The Running Bran said...

Awesome gifts there! I got the Lure of Long Distance Running as well and have read Run! and Running on Empty before...both excellent books.