Wednesday, December 21, 2011

People Are the Problem

I've figured out what's wrong with my running...PEOPLE ARE THE PROBLEM!  I do fine when I run by myself. No injuries, no pressure, pure enjoyment. When I run with a group, or at a race, or even at the gym on the treadmill...I tend to run too fast. Other people cause me to run faster than I should.  There's a subtle, or not so subtle, pressure to perform. It's clear to me now...other people are the problem. I'll be fine if I hang out with myself. There you have are the problem.

I need to go solo more often. There's the rub..."more often."  I thoroughly enjoy running with a large group, small group, or simply one other friend.  I even enjoy races with tons of other folks (although not the mega races).  I need the social connection to my running friends. I just need to balance solo with social, fast with slow, races with training. Is that so hard?  It shouldn't be difficult, but it is for me. I need to temper my own ego and simply run when, where, and how I want to run. Sometimes with a group, sometimes not. Pretty simple. It's just running, right?

Now if I only had a running friend that always ran slower than me and thus automatically tempered my instinct to run faster than was healthy. Someone that would satisfy the social aspects of running, but force me to take it easy. Someone that I could count on for nice and easy recovery runs and non-confrontational discussions. I vaguely remember Mr. Riddle down the road occupying this niche...until he ran too fast and injured himself...then re-injured himself by tripping while walking. Sad. Wonder if Mr. Rose up the block is still running? I need more slow running friends.

I guess people may not really be the problem.  Maybe it's me.


David said...

As an egotistical (i.e. typical) male, trying to keep up with fast female runners is the most dangerous. That's how I got my last calf strain!

But man, there's something about fast women (so to speak). Might be worth a calf strain here or there.

Chris said...

I hear ya David! ;-)