Tuesday, February 21, 2012

90 Days Down, 10 to Go!

Today marks day 90 of the continuous running streak.  Only 10 more days to reach my goal of 100 straight days of running! I'm actually confident that I'll achieve my goal. It hasn't been easy, and it hasn't been without trials and tribulations...but it's almost over.  Or is it?  I'll reach 100 days on March 2.  But then what?  Do I stop? That seems too easy and anti-climactic. I should re-dedicate myself to a lofty goal. Complete an entire year of streaking? 500 days? 1,000 days? The rest of my life?

I saw a post about this guy in Milwaukee (where else?) that just reached 500 days of running and beer drinking--one beer minimum, one mile minimum. That seems heroic! He's beating me by about one full year...but I can catch up! Bet he doesn't run ultras.

Well, I better stay grounded and just keep my eye on the prize...100 days.  No more, no less...for now. When March 3 rolls around I can make a decision about the future. Today is day 90. Tomorrow is 91. And so the count continues. I'm shooting for 100 days.

Today is another special day...MARDI GRAS!!! One of the best days of the entire year. Brings back childhood memories of Bourbon Street and the French Quarter. Good old New Orleans! Laissez les bon temps roulez! I already have my king cake...let the festivities begin!

Maybe for Ash Wednesday I'll give up the run streak. Nope. Give up running shoes? Maybe. Give up beer? No. Lent can wait. Today we celebrate. Running. Life. Liberty. Happiness. Whatever. Enjoy Fat Tuesday!

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