Friday, February 17, 2012

Discover Your Barefoot Form

I knew this would happen.  I get a new barefoot running book, and I get addicted and obsessed with barefoot running all over again!  Loved my new book (see earlier post this week) and now I found this Merrell video titled "Discover Your Merrell Bareform" (Jason Robillard stars in it and helped create the video as a Merrell consultant). Jason and Merrell are doing a nice job educating people about minimalist and "barefoot-style" running. You can't expect them to say "ditch the shoes altogether"...that wouldn't be a good business model for a shoe company!

Pretty good introduction to barefoot form. Worth the two minutes. Check it out...and start thinking about "going bare" as much as possible.


jeff said...

I understand howthe video gets you excitedto do morebarefootin', metoo. did 13miles yesterdayin he altra's,minimus and merrell...gave me encouragement for more , altra is a bit stiff, which may be part of the cause of knee pain?? you are almost there on the 100 day streak

Chris said...

Almost at up, 1000 days!