Monday, March 26, 2012

He is a Runner

My last blog post was about being a runner. Not a jogger, but a runner. This post gives an example of a real runner. His name is Geoff Roes. Here is a short Clif Bar video of Geoff (they sponsor him as an ultrarunner):

After watching the short video, check out Geoff's recent race report about his 350-mile run in the Iditarod Trail Invitational.  Participants can ski, bike, or run the 350 miles across rural and barren Alaska. Geoff was in the running division. Why?  Because he's a runner. Not a jogger, biker, or skier.

Geoff  Roes Iditarod Race Report

Joggers don't run across Alaska. Geoff is a runner.


Nazzer said...

If I recall correctly, awhile ago you posted a critique of some other bloggers who differentiated between road marathoners and ultra marathoners. You seemed to not like that they were speaking of ultra marathoners in a condescending way.

With your last two posts do you think you are falling into that same trap, except you are painting 'runners' in an elitist light over 'joggers'?

Chris said...

Very possible. I can't remember the exact comparison, but you may be right. I do find "runners" to be a special "breed"...not because of speed or distance or stamina...but attitude. Runners push themselves and see running as a good thing, not a punishment. They value running for itself...not as a means to an end. And I value that perspective. I suppose I am placing runners above joggers. Not as extremely as the Pearl Izumi ads, but I'm certainly in their camp.

I'm probably not too touchy about people putting ultra-marathon runners down since EVERYONE knows they are superior to marathon runners...or any other distance runners...we have ULTRA in our name! ;-)

Nazzer said...

So I just figured out the connection you were making to the pearl izumi advert/book on their website. (I guess I didn't read your last blogpost).

I totally get what you're saying now. :)