Sunday, March 25, 2012

I'm a Runner. How About You?

I am a runner.  I may "jog" at times, but in my heart and my soul, I'm a runner.  It's not necessarily about speed, it's about intensity, passion, and emotion. It's about challenging yourself. How about you? You aren't one of those fitness joggers, are you?  Check out Pearl Izumi's "We Are Not Joggers" short web book.  If it rings true, then you are definitely a runner.  If it bothers or offends you, then you are probably a jogger...a joker...or a poser.

Welcome to the world of running.
Real running.
Feel it in your soul.
Push hard.
Enjoy the pain.


Adam Langenfeld said...

Meh. I remember that there was some controversy about this last year or the year before because of how derogatory this ad campaign is toward folks who don't run 2 hour marathons, who like to run with music, who are getting out there for the first time.

I feel like the whole "jogging" fad is pretty dated, and most folks who are getting out on the roads today aren't doing it to look good or stuff like that, but because they genuinely want to do something good for themselves, no matter how fast or slow they are. Getting folks riled up because they're challenged by a shoe company is just a way to get people thinking about Pearl Izumi, nothing more.

Personally, I think I'm going to call myself a "Non-jogger". :-)

Chris said...

Definitely a smart, and controversial, media campaign by pearl Izumi. it has caused lots of discussion and debate. I get a kick out of their ads...sometimes offended, sometimes feeling proud. I don't buy their products, but I do appreciate their intent.

I'm definitely not fast, but I plug along and consider myself a runner. I do believe it is a state of mind that separates "joggers" and "runners"--both have pros/cons attached to the terms.

In the end, anyone that exercises, whether it's running, walking, elliptical, rowing, etc...they have my respect.

I do have an issue with someone that signs up for a "race" and says they "ran" a marathon when they finished in 6+ hours. That seems like a walk to me. Still better than sitting on the couch. In that case, it might be more accurate to say you "finished" a marathon. When I run a 3:30 marathon, I realize that's middle of the pack and very slow compared to recreational runners 20-30 years ago. Most marathons weren't even open after about 4 hours. I'm glad we have more participants now...we should all be recognized for the achievements we make...running 2:05 is pretty darn good for an elite athlete...and completing a marathon in 5 hours is awesome for a previously sedentary recreational jogger. Depends on our goals.