Monday, April 2, 2012

Week One of the Pact

Jeff and I finished the first week of our new pact (March 26-April 1).  You can read about the pact on my last blog post. Looks like Jeff's week was a tough one with an irregular schedule and out-of-town responsibilities.  He may have slipped slightly from his diet.  Let's call it a mulligan and move forward!

How did I do?  Very well, thank you for asking. Here are my statistics:

Total miles: 54
Total runs: 9
Total Time: 9:58
Average pace (with walking): 11:06 minute/mile (5.4mph)
Average HR:123
Peak HR: 153 (but it was clearly an anomaly and lasted for only a second)
Calories: 6642

I'll add more statistics next week when I can figure out all of the reporting features of SportsTrack. I plan to track time in each Maffetone zone (MAP, MEP, and SAP) as well as proportion of walking, jogging, and running (I'll define each of those next time).

While my overall pace was fairly slow this week, remember the statistics include the walking portions too.  And, in ultramarathons, there is walking!  For a 100-mile race, if I can maintain a 14:24 pace, I'll finish in 24:00.  That's quite a feat. In my training, I'd like to keep the average for the walk/runs under 11:00. Eventually under 10:00.

Overall, a very successful week for me.  The most weekly miles I've had all year. Without a race, it's the most weekly miles I've had in about 6 months!  Well done. My left calf survived and actually feels better than last weekend.  Regular easy running may be the recipe for overall health.  And after several weeks, maybe race fitness too!

In the future, while I will still incorporate the walking segments, everything should be quicker at the same heart rates. My walking pace will improve (good for ultramarathons) and my running segments should be quicker. The goal is still a minimum of 50 miles per week at a heart rate of 150 or less. One week done!


jeff said...

Great start, great weather, keep it good and steady.


Chris said...

You too Jeff. Funny that we keep "running into each other" at both the gym and the trails almost every single day...sometimes twice/day!