Friday, May 25, 2012

Vertical Kilometer

Ever heard of these "vertical kilometer" races?  They are big in Europe.  I think they should have some in the US.  Jeff tells me we can do one right in town on our very own trail.  According to him, it would take 82 repeats of "goat mountain" to ascend 1 full kilometer.  Of course, we'd have to descend 82 times too, so we'd have 2 kilometers of elevation change. The 82 repeats would have us covering about 10 miles.  Kinda boring.  These European vertical kilometers are run up...and up...and up a single mountain.  They try to find the steepest vertical gain and then slap a course onto it!  Check out this video:

Care to try one?  Want to do 82 repeats of "goat mountain" at Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve?  Jeff, you out there? Willing and ready?


jeff said...

10.2 miles up/down Goat Mountain or do 4.15 miles on the treadmill at 15% incline....we did several vertical K's on our hiking trips, doing Mt.Leconte, Rocky Top, Gregory Bald and Mt. Baldy....not sure which one yet I want to do here in Illinois....outside would be more fun...June 2 Debbie works so that's the day I was thinking...more later...I love that video

Chris said...

June 2 might work...if it isn't 100 degrees!

janak said...

At the Forest Glen, 5-mile loop has an elevation gain of about 2250 feet gain which is about 0.69km. So another partial loop could get you to 1km. And all 5 miles are under shade!