Sunday, May 27, 2012

Week in Review: May 21-May 27

Not the week I wanted it to be, but I ended it with another 40+ week of running and no injuries. That's a win. Plus, the temperatures were in the 90s much of this week. I'm definitely not heat-acclimated. It'll come in time. Here are the statistics for the past week (which included one day off and one double-day):

Count:7 Activities
Distance:41.92 mi
Max Distance:7.21 mi
Avg Distance:5.99 mi
Time:7:10:05 h:m:s
Avg Speed:5.8 mph
Max Speed:8.4 mph
Avg HR:127 bpm
Max HR:154 bpm
Avg Run Cadence:78 spm
Max Run Cadence:108 spm
Calories:5,412 C

I'm still not getting in any long runs. Oh well. I'm fine with the month of May being my "heal and recover" month--and that pesky calf injury seems healed. Next weekend will be June...that means it's time to push harder and get in my first "long run"--probably 12-15 miles. If next week ends with about 50 miles and one run over 10 miles, plus no injuries, I'll be happy. The key is consistent moderate running. Consistency over time wins...sorta like that turtle versus the hare tale. Just call me "Chris the Turtle."

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