Friday, June 8, 2012

Need Running Motivation?

Do you need a little extra motivation to get out the door and run?  All of us need that extra push from time to time.  Setting a challenging goal can help.  Listening to other people's goals can motivate you too.  Check out Kilian Jornet's goals that go through 2015 ("Summits of My Life"):

Maybe "running up" Mt Everest is too much for you?  Set your own realistic, but challenging, goal. Is there a mountain peak on your horizon?  How about a new distance goal--ever curious about a 100 mile trail race? Appalachian Trail traverse?  Run across your state?

Personally, I want to break 24 hours for a 100 mile race.  Possibly Across the Years 24-Hour event this December.  Maybe the Umstead 100 in 2013. I'd like to race an ultra outside the US too...I've got my eyes on the Nicaraguan Fuego y Agua 50K in February 2013!  (NOTE: A running friend, Rob, ran the race and has an excellent report here.)

Non race-related, I must do a Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim run. Depending on the route, it's a 42-46 mile round trip. Lots of elevation change and the chance for both serious cold and heat all in one run!

What do you dream about?


Ragfield said...

Fuego y Agua it is then.

Chris said...

You going too? You could be my personal tour guide, crew, pacer, and competitor all rolled into one!

I actually know someone in Nicaragua that would host me for a visit.

Ragfield said...

"we're already thinking about the trip next year"

Chris said...

Excellent race report. I have linked it on my blog posting. Hope we can both be there in Feb 2013!

Vanessa said...

R2R2R was the best running experience of my life. Must-do!

Chris said...


I read your r2r2r report. Sounded awesome. Everyone I know that has done it raves about the experience.