Friday, September 7, 2012

Skechers Go Bionic Shoe

This is not a shoe review.  I need more miles on my new Skechers Go Bionic shoes before I can legitimately review them. While these are intended as road shoes, I plan on using them for roads and tame trails.  I did my first run in them yesterday: 7 miles total (5 on trails, 2 on roads). They worked fine. These shoes have serious potential. In a nutshell, they are lightweight (size US13 are 7.2 ounces each), zero drop, flexible, low to the ground (~12mm stack height), moderately cushioned, and have a wide toe-box. They cost $90. My main concern is whether the numerous flex grooves and "open areas" on the sole will let in rocks or thorns.

From early testers, here are three comprehensive reviews of the Go Bionic shoes:

Nate at Biker Nate
Rob at Birthday Shoes
Pete at Runblogger

My formal review will come later when I have at least 100 miles on these puppies.

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