Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Farmdale 2012 Race Report

I did the Farmdale 30-Mile Trail Race this past Saturday (October 13). This was my 7th Farmdale ultra race. Finished in 6:13. Not fast, not slow. Considering the crazy amount of mud and water on the course, I'm very pleased. It rained for several hours. Lightning and thunder added excitement to the race. I wore my New Balance MT110 trail shoes. They worked well considering the conditions (nothing would get traction in that mud). Here is my quick summary of each 10-mile loop:

First: Awesome. Dry trail, lots of friends.
Second: Awesomer. Rain, mud, water, lightning, thunder!
Third: Awesomest. Slippery, muddy, but steady energy.

The basic statistics (from my Garmin 305 GPS watch):

Distance: 29.24 miles  (supposedly 30 miles, might be even longer)
Time: 6:13:25  (splits = 1:55--2:12--2:06)
Finish Place: 11th (43 starters, 35 finishers)
Elevation Gain: 2,225 feet
HR Average: 137
HR Peak: 168
Calories: 3,643
Weather: 54F to 61F, cloudy, rain, thunderstorms!

After this race, I feel confident that my training is back on track. I am uninjured and feeling good. My next ultra is the McNotAgain 30-Miler on November 10. Just enough time rest a bit, get in some training, and then race!

SPECIAL NOTE: My Buffalo-SLUG friend Rob Raguet-Schofield from St Louis won the 30-mile race in a time of 4:27. Well done!


ed said...

Nice run -- I knew you'd do well & have fun doing it!

Chris said...

Thanks Ed. Next up is a "nice run" at McNotAgain.