Sunday, November 11, 2012

I'm a Running Shoe Aficionado

I'm a running shoe geek. Or maybe a shoe whore? I prefer the term "aficionado." I really like studying, following, tracking, buying, testing, talking, and writing about running shoes. I just ordered a new pair today (Merrell Mix Master 2). I guess most runners are always in search of their "perfect running shoe." It's the holy grail of running. Of course, there is no such shoe. And if you find it, it probably won't work for long...or it'll be discontinued!  I'm currently looking for my "100 mile shoe"--the shoe that will help me achieve my goal of running under 24-hours in a 100 mile trail race. The trail race is already picked (Umstead 100 on April 6, 2013), but I don't have the shoe selected...yet.

Maybe I'm a shoe hoarder. Here are my current running shoes:
  • New Balance MT110
  • New Balance MT1010
  • New Balance 730
  • New Balance Minimus Trail
  • Mizuno Wave Universe
  • Vibram Bikila
  • Vibram Trek Sport
  • Vibram KSO
  • Merrell Trail Glove
  • Altra Instinct
  • Skecher's Go Bionic
  • Feelmax Osma
  • Invisible Shoes (sandals)

Here are the ones I'm considering:
  • Hoka Stinson Evo
  • Born2Run
  • Altra Superior
  • Merrell Bare Access

My current favorite shoe is the NB MT110.  It's successfully gotten me through two 30-mile trail races in the last 4 weeks. I like it, but it won't cut it for a full 100-mile trail race. Its limit, for me, is around 30-40 miles. Maybe the MT1010s will break-in and feel better soon? Or maybe those brand new Merrell Mix Masters will work? Those crazy big clown shoe Hokas? The Altra Superior if I can find them in size 14? So many choices!

Any suggestions for shoes that might work well in a 100-mile trail race like Umstead?


Brad Williams said...

Have you seen the that 110 has officially been discontinued? That doesn't surprise me but what does is that it's replacement seems to be nowhere in sight. I've been looking all over to see whats next with just no luck. All things considered I have to say that it's currently my favorite shoe too. I also agree that it's not a 100 mile shoe for me either. Especially a mountain hundred. That being said I might have to scoop up one more pair while we still can.

Chris said...


I didn't realize it's been discontinued! Yikes. Thanks for the heads-up. At least the 1010 is starting to feel better.

Kevin said...

Congrats on such a strong run at McNotAgain. You're looking fit and well on your way to Umstead.

I'm still wearing my MT101s, but I'm on my last pair. Bought three pairs before they disappeared. I'm going to need to find something different as well. Let me know how your search goes.

Chris said...

Thanks Kevin. My race report will be posted tomorrow.

Tim said...

Hi Chris, just wondering, which is your favourite road shoe for long runs?

Chris said...

I don't do long road runs, but for long trail runs (and races) my current favorites are the NB MT110 and 1010.