Friday, November 2, 2012

World Run Day

Do you need another reason to run? Well, then try "World Run Day" on November 11. It's one of those virtual races--you can register and create your own course route. Even get a bib and a real t-shirt. I have a 30-mile trail race on November 10 (McNotAgain Trail Race in Pekin, IL), but I can still manage to get out the door on November 11 and run with the world. Care to join me? No excuses! According to the web site, World Run Day is a running event held annually in November to celebrate running and charitable giving. It is recognized as both the International Day of Running and the International Day of Charity. Your support will help it grow into the largest running event on earth.

If you aren't too keen on formalizing your running, no need to register, just pick a 5K route in your area and run it on November 11. If you feel particularly charitable, then donate a typical race fee ($15-25) to your favorite non-profit group. Easy, eh?

Celebrate running!

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