Monday, December 24, 2012

AARP and Ultrarunning

I guess everyone is able to join AARP when they turn 50 years old. I haven't reached that milestone yet. But I don't dread that age anymore. When you are in high school, people in their 20s seem old. Then you hit 20 and those in their 30s are elderly. Then you hit 30 and those in their 40s are aged. Then you hit 40 get the trend. I don't see 50 as old any more. I still see 60 or 70 as rather old...but I'm sure that will change. In fact, today I realized one of my ultrarunning  idols, Marshall Ulrich, is 61. The guy rocks. In fact, AARP made a video of him to promote "my generation" success stories. Getting older doesn't mean slowing down. I hope I'm still running ultras when I am in my "retirement years." Check it out:

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