Saturday, December 22, 2012

Umstead, Just Umstead

This week I decided to skip the Fuego y Agua 50km race in Nicaragua. It was the right choice.  February 16 will come too quickly for me to be prepared. With a new job that started just 2 weeks ago, and a looming 100 mile race in April, I need to focus and maximize my time and energy. Doesn't hurt to save money too. Nicaragua will be on my radar the following year. For now, it's Umstead 100 miler...all the time! That April 6 race date is fast approaching and I feel unprepared. I can't be distracted by other crazy races. I need lots of long runs, lots of aerobic miles, and a few nearby races. Next up is the Riddle Run 28-mile Fat Ass event on January 26. I've run this event 13 times in a row. No need to stop that run streak in 2013. I'm ready for RR14! Rumor has it there may be a new distance added to the venue...50 miles of snow and ice-covered trails seems appealing to a 100-mile runner in training. Maybe.

For now it's about wise choices every single day for the next 3+ months. I have about 15 weeks (104 days) until the Umstead 100 Mile Run. No room for errors. I will focus on Umstead, just Umstead, and nothing else.


ed said...

I saw Jeff's recent posting of last year's RR13 results -- a belated congrats on a great run!

If you're staying in the States in early February, you're invited to LLTH -- it will only cost you gas money . . . .


Chris said...

Thanks Ed. RR13 was my best in 13 years! Not sure what I'll do in Feb, but Jeff has expressed interest in LLTH. We have another local trail fat ass in Feb too.