Saturday, March 23, 2013

I'm a Skechers Man

I buy a lot of running shoes. No need to confess how many I have in my current "rotation."  It's more than 10. Maybe 20. Let's stop there. The point is, I am always searching for that next best shoe. The one. The shoe that will transform my running. The shoe that will let me go farther. Go faster. Remain uninjured. Complete the next trail ultramarathon with a personal record. My tastes change over time and my "it brand" also changes from year to year or season to season. BUT FOR NOW, I'm a Skechers man. They have really improved their running shoes over the last year. With Meb Keflezighi as their professional sponsored runner (for their "Performance GoRun" line), they have credibility. With me as their non-sponsored middle of the pack ultra runner, they have working man's cred. I would say street cred, but I run very rarely on streets. Which makes these shoes even more impressive! I own 3 different Skecher running models, all "road shoes," yet I run 90% trails and they work well for me.

GoRun 2
Why do I like them? They are all lightweight, flexible, have minimal heel to toe drop (4mm), and wide toe boxes. They fit well and don't have extra bells and whistles. They let you, and your feet, run. They don't interfere with natural motion. Another plus? They are fairly inexpensive. Normally, they retail for about $75-80, but you can often find them on sale for about $65. Pretty good value for well-made running shoes. If you like color choices, Skechers has more options than any other running shoe brand!

I own three Skechers performance running shoes:
  • GoBionic--most minimal of their shoe line. Very lightweight, extremely flexible, no support/motion control, and a modicum of cushioning. These are great short or middle distance race shoes and faster training shoes. I am comfortable running 10-12 miles in them. Good ground feel.
  • GoRun 2--sort of the middle child of the shoe line-up. Still lightweight, still flexible, but now with extra cushioning. Still not heavily cushioned, but much more than the GoBionic. I can easily run 12-15 miles in them and feel fine. After about 18-20 miles, they start to feel at their limit (for me). An ideal everyday trainer. You can go fast or go long. Nice combination of ground feel and protection.
  • GoRun Ride
  • GoRun Ride--Fairly lightweight and still flexible, but now with "maximal" cushioning (for a regular running shoe). I haven't reached my long run limit in these yet...but plan on running in them at my next 100-mile race in early April. I should easily get 25 miles in them, maybe 50. Because they have a pretty good slab of cushioning, they are fairly protective on trails. Rocks and roots are absorbed. Not the greatest ground feel, but they still feel light and responsive.
NOTE: I am also entranced with Altra Zero Drop shoes. I own their Instinct, Superior, and Torin models. All very good. They are heavier and more expensive than Skechers, but otherwise they stack up well. I'll review them soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

I too am a Skechers man. I ran a marathon last Sunday in the GoRun 2s and had absolutley no issues. I forgot all about them during the race - a good thing. I also have the GoBionic and agree they are good for short distances. I also have to GoRun Rides and have done 5ks in them but nothing further so far.


Chris said...

Excellent. I can see myself running a marathon in the GoRun 2 (or GoRun Ride). I think the GoRun 2 is the MOST comfortable shoe I have ever worn.