Monday, April 1, 2013

What a Difference a Weekend Makes

Shit. Vomit. Cramps. Fever. Chills. Headache. Nausea.

What a difference one weekend can make when you are planning for a race. This past weekend I had either a stomach flu or food poisoning. It sucked. Big time. I lost about 4 pounds in 12 hours. I'm a skinny guy without much "extra" weight to lose! Now I'm over the illness, but feeling extremely tired, weak, and dehydrated. Not so bad if my race was a 5K a few weeks away...but my race is 5 days away and it's 100 miles! Yes, 100 miles in less than 5 days. I'm screwed.

What can I do now? Nothing, except I have five nights to sleep. Four days to eat and drink. Maybe just enough time to recover and strengthen my body for a 24 hour assault on a 100-mile trail course. I have nothing to lose. If I DNF, I now have an excuse. If I push hard and fail, I have an excuse. If I succeed, I'll have an even better story to tell upon my triumphant return.

Wish me well. I'm not happy about this situation, but I'm realistic. If the race was nearby, I'd simply DNS (did not start). Since I can't refund my airfare, I'm going to Raleigh-Durham and I'm going to race this weekend. Scary thought.


Kevin said...


That's definitely a blow to the confidence when it happens so close to the race. But think positive: that's 4 less pounds you have to haul over the 100 miles. And, you are already practiced up for the shitting and vomiting that is likely to happen during the race ;)

Seriously, best of luck!


Chris said...

Thanks Kevin. I knew you'd put it all in perspective. Compared to Saturday, I feel like a million bucks! Ultras are mostly mental anyway...who needs to be physically fit?

David said...

Just channel your inner Michael Jordan (1997 flu game). Never underestimate race-day magic!

Chris said...


Race day magic. I like it!