Monday, June 10, 2013

If I Could Only Have One Running Shoe

I have lots of shoes. Let's not make me divulge just how many, but it's more than 10 in my current rotation! I have trail shoes, road shoes, racing shoes, ultra shoes, minimalist shoes...I even have "Invisible shoes" (now called Xero shoes). Let's just say I like shoes. I go in phases regarding which 2-3 pairs of shoes I like the best and tend to wear the most. When I have a long ultramarathon (can you say 100 miler?) I tend to train in more cushioned shoes (like my Hoka Stinson Evos), when I have a shorter race, I might lean toward my Mizuno Wave Universe 3. Middle distance trail run? Then maybe my New Balance 110s. A shoe for each purpose! I firmly believe shoes are tools to accomplish a task. And at times that task is strengthening my feet and improving my running form...that means NO SHOES AT ALL...completely barefoot teaches lessons no coach can!

So, what if I had to select just ONE PAIR of shoes for all of my running? If I could only have one pair of running shoes, which pair would it be?

INSERT DISCLAIMER...the shoe I am about to announce as the best overall shoe for all of my running needs from 5K on roads to 100 miles on trails has not been provided by any sponsor or shoe manufacturer. I paid retail for these shoes! No evaluation bias here. Also, these shoes are probably not the best at any ONE task, but they are better than average at almost everything. Great all-around a reasonable price.

My one running shoe would be the Skechers GoRun Ride. Retail price of $80. Sale price often around $60 The new version, GoRun Ride 2, just came out so the original is easily found on sale right now!  I have no idea what has changed in the version 2, but the regular GoRun Ride is an awesome shoe. Lightweight. Flexible. Wide forefoot. Stretchy upper. Cushioned. Low drop (4mm). Reasonable traction. Breathable mesh. Comfy.
So, go get a pair of the Skechers GoRun Ride and "run like Meb." The shoe let's my feet do what they want to...but it still protects and provides enough cushioning to hit the trails or do long runs on roads. Speed work on a track? Sure. Trail marathon? Sure. 10K on roads? Sure. Hanging out at work? Why not! Relaxing on a weekend? Yep. This shoe just works.

I also have the Skechers GoBionic and GoRun 2. Both great shoes too. The GoRun Ride has the most cushioning of the three. GoBionic is most minimal.


John D. said...

I like that shoe. Where can I get that one?

Chris said...

You can buy them almost anywhere online--amazon, skechers, road runner sports, etc. They seem to fit true to size.