Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Awesome One Hour Run

Lately I've been struggling with my training. Sometimes I run, sometimes I don't. Sometimes it feels good, sometimes it doesn't. No consistency. I decided to "just run" and do what I want. No real plan. No mileage goals. No pace goals. Today it began. I just stepped on the gym treadmill and started to walk. Then jog. Then run. As I ran faster, I decided to go until I hit lactate threshold. Felt good. Then I decided to back off a bit and hold at marathon pace (about 7:30 pace). Held that pace until I felt it was enough, then walked until the hour was done. Great one hour run!

Walk=>Jog=>Run Until LT Pace=>Back to Marathon Pace=>Walk
(The small dip in pace during the marathon pace portion was me adjusting my shoe mid-run.) 

I felt energized after this run. I felt like I achieved something worthwhile, but wasn't spent. I need more runs like this one. Maybe future ones will be faster, or slower. Some will be shorter, but others longer. This was a good start on my new "just run" philosophy. Do what feels right. Do what makes me happy. 

Happy running everyone!


Will Musto said...

It's so easy to get stuck in a rut; it can be such a great realization and reminder when you remember that running is supposed to be fun. I'm glad you reached that point, Chris!

Chris said...

Thanks Will. I agree...it's fun to be a happy runner!