Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I Do What I Want (Running Wise)

I've decided not to follow any rules of training for the next few months.  I'm just going to do what I want. Whatever. Simple.

I've read over 150 running books and have a sense of what is "correct" and "proper" training. It's inside me. Now, I'll just let things happen. I want steady progress and no injuries. I want to get faster, but stay happy.  Here is a recent chart from RunnersConnect that caught my attention:

 Why Running Harder Won’t Help You Get Faster

I want steady, but moderate progress. In the past, I've done either too much base-level easy running (with no speed work) or I insert crazy fast speed sessions. Now, I just want variety. Most will be moderate effort runs at moderate distances. I'm not a fan of track workouts, so those will probably be skipped. I tend to prefer tempo and fartlek runs. Those just fit my style. If I can ever get my Garmin HR strap to stop digging into my chest, I'll even document my runs with distance, time, pace, HR, etc. I've turned off all of my Garmin alarms and now just run as I feel. The watch doesn't control me, I control me. But, I still want to track my running shit so I'll monitor my runs (but mostly keep the watch on "time of day").

I'm not looking forward to my next race on August 10: the Howl at the Moon 8-Hour ultra. I'm not prepared. Still, it'll be a great workout and a nice time to catch up with friends. This fall I have several races planned--mostly around the 50K distance. Perfect "shorter" races. I might even throw in a really short race like a marathon! I am looking forward to this fall. Why? Because...I do what I want!


jeff said...

chris, what are you talking about?? you always run for you want to run, every day

jeff said...

...I always run what you want to run

Chris said...


I've been suppressing my runs intentionally running slow (Maffetone or van Aaken style). It doesn't feel right. Sometimes it'll be nice and easy (maybe with some strides), other times it'll be hard. Or in-between...or a mix of everything! Whatever feels right with NO ATTENTION to HR. I'll track and report, but not monitor during a run.

Will Musto said...

What you described sounds a lot like how we used to treat summers when we were in college. Be sure we're running (almost) every day, but keep it fun, keep it easy, run faster if you feel like running faster, but don't worry if it doesn't happen very often. It's good to have a couple months a year like that where you can mentally and emotionally refresh after a hard 9-10 months of training!

Chris said...


You got it! I'm sure in a couple of months things will appear better after I "just run" for a while.

jeff said...

How about this, from Joe Henderson's classic book "Run Gently Run Long"

"the only thing a runner should be concerned with are 1)getting enough miles to be fit for what he wants to run, 2)keeping his energy reserves high, 3)avoiding injuries, 4)staying interested. As long as he's doing these things, it doesn't matter what kind of running he's doing. The "best" way to run is the way that satisfies these needs."

jeff (gregg and I running at 5:30am)

Chris said...

Henderson is a smart guy.