Monday, July 15, 2013

July 8-14: Starting Double Days

This past week ended up being a good one, even though I took 2 full days off and only ran 3 miles on two other days. I kicked it into high gear on the weekend by running doubles on Saturday and Sunday.

Count:7 Activities
Distance:49.30 mi
Max Distance:12.01 mi
Avg Distance:7.04 mi
Time:8:40:05 h:m:s
Avg Speed:5.7 mph
Avg HR:128 bpm
Max HR:144 bpm
Calories:4,786 C

Hope to continue double days at least 3-4 times/week between now and Howl at the Moon 8-Hour ultra (August 10). Still need 1-2 complete rest days each week to consolidate all these gains! I don't feel sore or achy today, but I do feel tired. Just a general sense of fatigue. Today is a well-deserved rest day.

I'm reminded of a training plan I proposed back in 2010...

Devil's Training Plan

Maybe the 666 plan can get me to my final destination.

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