Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Training Plan: Lots of Aerobic Miles + Dash of Speed

Don't want to jinx anything, but I think I'm back on track after getting injured early last week. Speed did me in! Guess I'm not ready for 6:05 pace. That's fine since my (hopeful) marathon pace is 7:49. The last week I've been doing all aerobic runs--keeping heart rate under 65% HRR (heart rate reserve). Seemed to heal my injury. My plan for all of February is to switch from the FIRST system of 3 runs/week (fast repeats, tempo, and long run) to something like 6 runs/week (4 easy aerobic, one progressive tempo run, and one long). I seem capable of 8:00 pace at about 70% HRR. According to most coaches, anything under 75% HRR is considered easy aerobic running. I basically follow Arthur Lydiard and Roy Benson (they have a ton of overlap). Here are Benson's zones (HRs are based on my resting=50, max=190):

Max Recovery= 60-65% = 134-141
Jogging Fat Burning = 65-70% = 141-148
Long Endurance = 60-75% = 134-155
Stamina = 75-80% = 155-162
Tempo AT = 80-85% = 162-169
VO2 Max = 90-95% = 176-183

I plan on keeping most runs under 70% HRR, the progressive tempo effort will start around 60% and move toward 85%. The weekly long run will still be easy, but with a bit of cardiac drift, I'll allow up to 75% HRR. Hope to have one full rest day. Maybe two. Not sure this will get me to Boston, but it should develop my aerobic capacity and keep me injury-free. That'll be fine for February. One month at a time!

Two Coach Roy Benson books I like:

Coach Benson's Secret Workouts: Coachly Wisdom for Runners About Effort-Based Training


jeff said...

statisticly the best runners do about 20% of there miles within 90% of MP to 110% so your faster paces are 8:36 pace (90%) down to 7:00 (110%) at the faster. at 30 miles a week = 6 miles fast....this could be your range for the progressive run that fits within your HR goals.
2 M at 90% 8:36
1 M at 100% 7:48 x 2
1/2 M at 105% 7:25 x 2
1 min runs at 7:00 x 7

sorry chris, could not resist with the detail...nothing else to do at tommy's house at 5am!!

Chris said...

30 miles per week? I'm shooting for 100 mile weeks! Guess that means 20 miles "fast."