Saturday, February 8, 2014

Just Run

I've been riding highs and lows the last few weeks. Great training, then slight injury, then OK training, then not, then another injury, then nothing, then...

Time to stop. I need to just run. No plans. No goal races. Yes, I'll race. But no more pressure for PRs or Boston qualifying. Those will come. Yes, I'd like to hit 100 ultra/marathons by the end of this year, but it's looking less likely and I don't want the added pressure of keeping to my proposed schedule of ultras. They'll come. If not this year, then next. Same with new PRs.

For now, I'm just going to run. Distance and paces determined WHILE ON THE RUN itself. Step out the door and get going. That's my new mantra. Maybe only 2 miles, maybe 12. Too cold, too windy, too icy? Then off to the gym and treadmill. That's cool. I have nothing to prove to myself or others. I've done the crazy snow and ice runs. I've done a sub-24 hour 100-miler. I've run over 300 miles in one week. Nothing to prove.

I'll probably skip the Lake Mingo 28-mile fat ass next weekend. If weather is OK, I may do one 7-mile trail loop, then socialize over beer and chips. Guess ultra/marathon #90 will have to wait. Probably happen at the Land Between the Lakes trail marathon on March 8. Even if I'm not trained, I can finish a trail marathon with ease. Might not be able to race it well, but simply finishing 26.2 miles is a fairly pedestrian achievement. It'll happen. Then Clinton Lake 30-miler on March 29. That sucker is going to be harder...but I'll finish. Really wanted to return to the race I started and directed with a big bang...might be more of a whimper...but it'll be OK. Can still finish and drink with my buddies. It's only 30 miles of hilly trails.

Time to just run. Keep calm. And run.


Trunil said...

I liked this!

Chris said...

Glad you liked it Trunil. Get out and run. No agenda needed, Just run.

David said...

You kind of crack me up with your wild swings from one training/running philosophy to the next! I'm glad that I'm not the only one who has suffered from such schizophrenia.

I only have about 1/8th your marathon/ultra experience (my count is 12, I think) but I've found it's not so much speed or mileage that leads to injury. It's the sticking to a plan that does me in.

I try to inject speed when I feel like it, I run long in the mountains every chance I can get, and I sometimes turn my midweek runs into tempo sessions if the spirit moves me. Or likewise, if I'm just not feeling it, I'll bag a planned run. The important thing is that my training is by feel. When time permits, such training has worked out quite well for me, and I can string together long stretches without injury.

Motivation has never been an issue for me, so perhaps that's why this works for me. I.e. It's fun to run and to run fast, so time (and body) permitting, I do as much as I can.

Good luck, and have fun with your new(est) regime!

Chris said...


That's the plan I what I want when I want. Sure, there will be speed (who doesn't like to run fast?), but lots of basic trail stuff too...and hills, and tempo runs. And days off. Running by feel is a GREAT idea.

ed said...

I never know what I'll read post to post -- makes it interesting!

I think this winter weather is getting to you. Your current plan makes sense, but I bet you'll have some new ideas when Spring arrives (or sooner!).

See you at LBL.

Chris said...


Of course my plan will change once spring is here! ;-)

Still trying to get over this cold--haven't run in a week.