Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ultra Race Start to 2014: DNF, DNS

We've hit mid-February and I am 0-2 on ultra completions. I ran 20 miles through the snow, ice, and wind at the Sorta Riddle Run 28 miler, but that is still a DNF. This weekend was the Lake Mingo 28-Mile Fat Ass. I didn't even start! Count that as a DNS. My sprint to 100 ultra/marathons is off to a rocky start. I'm still stuck on 89. Hope to have 100 by the end of this year. Maybe not. Next up is the Land Between the Lakes trail marathon on March 8. Hope I start...and finish.

I'm confident I'll finish LBL on March 8, then I have Clinton Lake 30-Miler on March 29. I'll finish that one too. Total will be 91 ultra/marathons. Those two finishes should establish some momentum, and get me through winter and into spring! Not sure about the Illinois Marathon on April 26. I'm thinking I should run it, but not try for a fast time. Boston is out of reach right now. Still, adding to my race total will feel good.

For now, I just want to get rid of this persistent cold and cough. Probably another 2-3 days before I feel back to normal. Need to build my aerobic base again. Lots of zeros in the training log lately. Also, I would really love to see the ground. Everything has been white, white, white for weeks and weeks. Snow, please go away.

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