Monday, May 26, 2014

May 19-25: Good Training

After a drop-back week and vacation in Montreal, this past week was a solid training week. Five runs, over 40 miles, and I felt good. Thursday's tempo run went really well and the weekend long run was fine on a tough trail. Even though the paces seem slow, I'm convinced that trail running makes me a stronger runner...whether I race on trails or roads. Trails build strength and protect the body from the repeated punishment of the same foot-strike pattern.  Still need more endurance and some heat acclimatization, but I'm off to a great start to summer training and racing. Run Under the Stars 10-Hour race is only 12 days away! Guess I better be ready soon.

Count:5 Activities
Distance:43.34 mi
Max Distance:15.02 mi
Avg Distance:8.67 mi
Time:6:41:31 h:m:s
Avg Speed:6.5 mph
Avg HR:138 bpm
Max HR:170 bpm
Calories:4,347 C

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