Sunday, October 26, 2014

Rule of Simplicity (or is it specificity?)

The last two weekends I ran short races (5K and half-marathon). They went well. Starting this weekend, and for the next 3 weeks, it's all about simplicity. I'm training for a 50 mile trail race and I need to get back to fat-burning, easy, aerobic runs. I suppose it's simple training. Easy. Every single day for 3 weeks. It's also about SPECIFICALLY training for the race you are targeting. Don't need speed, I need aerobic fitness and endurance. Lots of easy trail runs with long runs on the weekend. Not a ton of time to truly train, so it's more like "getting back" to training. I'm fit. I'm helathy. Let's keep it that way. No heorics. No short races. Easy does it. Simple.

The 5K and the half-marathon showed me I'm ready to knock off a fast marathon in the spring. I need a 3:30 for Boston, but would be more comfortable with 3:25 or faster. My recent race times predict a 3:20 marathon. I'd take that finish time! For now, it's easy training for 3 weeks, then race the 50 miler, set a personal record, and recover. Then, it's winter marathon training for my BQ attempt at the Illinois Marathon in April.

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