Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Tunnel Hill 50 Preparation (or not)

Tunnel Hill 50 Miler is only 10 days away. Should be fun. Challenging too. My training has not been adequate for an ultra, but it's too late to prepare. I've not had enough long runs (almost none) and I've done much more speed work than I'd prefer. If this was a marathon I think I'd be set! Unfortunately, it's a 50 mile (~2x marathon) distance on trails. Fortunately, I like trails and I like ultras. My original goal was to TRY and break 8 hours. That's unlikely. I still think a sub-9 hour finish is possible. That would be a personal best for the distance. I definitely would like to finish before dark (around 5pm and the 9 hour mark).

So, too late to train, but not too late to prepare (a little). No long runs, no speed work, lots of short and easy paced runs. I'll keep every run over the next 10 days in the 60-65% heart rate zone (fat-burning and aerobic). I need to make sure I'm fully recovered and rested. Basically an active taper. I'll bring a good variety of clothes to match the weather conditions. I'll bring my own sports drink (Tailwind) and food (gels, bloks, snacks). I'll have a headlamp in case of darkness. I'll arrive early Friday night, do the race check-in, look around the start/finish area, and eat early. Then to bed. I want to race well, but it's not the end of the world if things go south. Although, if I manage a PR, I'm done with this distance and can move toward the 100K personal record (which is my weakest PR). You always need a goal.

10 days to go. I'm not fully trained, but I'll be OK. It could be worse. At least I'm not doing the 100 miler. Those are a bear...especially when you are not prepared. I'll save that for next year.

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