Thursday, November 13, 2014

Not Ready for 50 Miles, But Let's Give It a Go!

One and a half days to Tunnel Hill 50 mile trail race! I'm DEFINITELY not ready, but I feel strangely happy with my predicament. I've been sick all week. Starting to feel better today. By tomorrow, I think I'll be over whatever has been dragging me down for the last few days. Haven't run ANY miles this entire week. I'll skip tomorrow too. TAPER TIME! I can't complain about being over-trained or unrested. I'm definitely rested. In fact, I feel lethargic.

So, what are my plans for Tunel Hill 50? Not sure. Here are three different options:

1. Feel good and race hard. Set a new personal record of under 9:49.
2. Feel bad and DNF around 25 miles (half-way point).
3. Feel OK, but reluctant. Go easy, chat up friends, and finish in about 11 hours.

Don't know which plan will materialize. I'll see how I feel on Saturday morning. It's supposed to be cold (low around 25) with a chance of snow late in the day and evening. High around 38. Not the worst weather. This is supposed to be ultra/marathon #95. I hope I can notch this finish. Five more next year and I'll reach my goal of 100.

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