Sunday, December 7, 2014

Regular Running Route

I finally have a regular running route. I don't run it every single day, but it's my "go to" route when I have nothing else planned. It's a 7-mile, mostly trail loop, with an out and back road section. The begining (and end) road section allows me to warm-up and cool-down. Seven miles is just the right distance for me--not too long and not too short.  I can run it before or after work and still do other things. A one-hour run feels good. Not tired afterward, but I also feel like I accomplished something. Five miles doesn't cut it. More miles takes just a bit too long (especially before work). In addition to being the right distance, it's the right route. I have a short walk before I start running (and also at the end before walking home) and I know exactly where I start to run and where it will end. It's great having a regular route. I know each mile mark. I know each hill. I know where the wind howls and where I'm sheltered. It's comforting. And when I hit the stop button on my GPS watch, I know whether it was a good or bad run (timewise). I know what my average heart rate should be for the full route. There's certainly a place for variety in routes, but it's really nice to have a regular running route. It's not the fanciest route, but it's mine...and I like it.

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