Sunday, November 30, 2014

Skechers Still My Favorite Running Shoes?

Go Ultra from
Over this past year, I've tried several new running shoes that are not from the Skechers Performance line--Hoka, Altra, and Montrail. The Hoka and Altras just didn't fit right. Hoka Clifton was too narrow in the toebox (common problem for Hokas) and the Altra One2 was just a bit short and tight all over (a bit unusual for them, but this is their racing/speed shoe). Fortunately, I still love my Skechers shoes. Here are the 5 models I currently have in rotation:
  • Go Bionic (road)
  • Go Run 3
  • Go Bionic trail
  • Go Run Ride 3
  • Go Run Ultra
All of them work well. They have three key common characteristics that I look for in all of my shoes: lightweight and flexible with wide forefoot/toebox. Also, they tend to be very reasonably priced (I rarely pay more than $60 since thay are always on sale somewhere). Still, I'm always looking for that "next perfect" shoe. So, about a month ago, I found the Montrail Fluidflex 2 on sale and grabbed it. It's lightweight and fairly flexible. Past shoe reviews seemed to indicate it had a wide forefoot. It's OK, but not really wide. I've had several runs in them and it's a good shoe.'s not as comfy as my Skechers. It does hold my foot well in the heel and midfoot, and it might RACE better than my Skechers for short trail distances (5-7 miles). For regular training and longer racing, I'd still go with my trusty Skechers. 

The Go Run 3 is a fantastic mid distance shoe (3-13 miles), the Go Ultra is a great long distance shoe (30-50 miles). The Go Ride 3 fills the gap for runs and races from 13-30 miles. The Go Bionic trail is a nifty trail runner for almost any distance up to about 50K (31 miles). The Go Bionic road shoe is a fast racer and speed shoe--great for 5K races and speedy repeat workouts. I suppose no SINGLE Skechers model is my perfect shoe, but the full lineup fits all of my needs.  I cannot complain. Skechers running shoes are still my favorites. The Go Run 3 lead me to a new half-marathon PR. The Go Ultra got me to a new 50 mile PR. 

I'll keep looking, but I have a feeling my next "perfect shoe" will simply be a new Skechers Performance model. Maybe the new Go Run 4? Or the Go Ultra 2 (not out yet)? With Meb and Kara as sponsored athletes, I have confidence the brand will continue to grow and produce quality shoes. 

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