Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tale of Two Runs

How quickly your running can change. One day the run feels unending and fruitless, another day is smooth and effortless. This past Sunday was one of my worst runs in several months. I was slow, weak, and tired. I didn't even break 10 minute pace.  I intended to go for about 11-13 miles, but I stopped at 2.69 miles. I was defeated. It was simply terrible.

Then, a couple days later, I had one of my best runs in the last few weeks. It was a superb short run. I ran under 8 minute pace and it felt effortless. I was holding back but still gliding along at a low heart rate and fast pace. I stopped at 3.17 miles. I could have gone longer...and faster. I'm inspired and ready to return to more running.

So, if your running is in the doldrums, stay the course, it'll improve. Keep at it. Things don't always get worse. They often get better. After Sunday's run I felt like giving up on running and finding a new hobby. After today's run I felt like signing up for any upcoming race to kick some ass!  Three days. Big difference. Lesson learned. All runs won't be perfect. Some will suck. Some will turn you into a demi-god. Take what you can...and run with it.

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