Saturday, June 6, 2015

Post Pneumonia Run

Today the non-running streak stopped at 13 days. A full 13 zeros in the run log. Not a single mile. Nada. Nothing. I've been laid up with pneumomnia. Today, I finally felt well enough to TRY a short run. It was short. Very short. 1.94 miles on easy roads around the neighborhood. But it was more than zero. And I survived. I'm back...sorta. I go back to the doctor in about 2 weeks for another chest x-ray to make sure everything is really cleared up. Hopefully I won't suffer from one of the antibiotic side-effects...ruptured achilles tendon within next 6 months. Yikes!

The doctor said I'll cough for about 2-3 more weeks. And the lungs won't be back to normal for about 8 weeks. "Don't push the running too hard" in that time period. OK, doc. I have 2 ultras in the next 3 months. One is the Barkley Fall Classic--one of the hardest 50Ks in the country! Guess I won't push "too hard" on those back-country hills. Hope I'm not doomed. I plan on lots of easy runs. Maffetone style aerobic efforts that won't stress the body much...and will keep the achilles happy.

I have 63 days until the Howl at the Moon 8-Hour ultra. I think I'll be OK for that race. It won't be setting any kind of personal records, but it'll be a celebration of running and health. My 100th ultra/marathon. Finally. 100.

Appreciate your health and vitality.


jar said...

so you know it will take several weeks to completely get rid of your pneumonia, so why not have a goal of running 130 hr or slower for every run until out your plan for a daily schedule, THEN forgot about your goal....only concentrate on the daily plan as that is easy. if you think about the overall goal that can be impossible to achieve but doing easy slow running in daily bits is EASY.


Chris Ⓥ said...

That's the plan Jeff! Nice and easy from now until Howl at the Moon race. Not sure about 130 HR, but it'll be low. Certainly aerobic. No goals for me...except regular easy running.