Thursday, June 11, 2015

13 Zeros, Now 5 Runs

After logging 13 zeros in a row while sick, I've gotten in 5 straight runs. Nothing crazy, just basic easy runs of 2-3-4-4-4 miles. I'm taking today off to "consolidate" my wins. Actually, I'm sorta tired. Still recovering from pneumonia and feeling a little fatigued. Going forward, I'll get back to a normal schedule of about 5 runs/week. Usually I try to incorporate a tempo run each week, but I'm sticking to pure aerobic efforts for the next 60 days. After Howl at the Moon 8-Hour (August 8), I'll re-examine my health and fitness and make small adjustments as I head toward the September 19th Barkley Fall Classic 50K.

What counts as an "easy aerobic run" for me?  Good question. Maffetone training would call for a maximum heart rate of 131 (180-age). Most coaches would place "very easy aerobic" efforts at below 65% heart rate reserve (about 141 for me). That's what I'm targeting. After Howl at the Moon, I may move that to 70% HRR (148). If I'm fit, I can still run fairly fast at that low heart rate (around 8:30 minute/mile pace).  Of course, with the Illinois summer heat and humidity, it may be slower! I have NO GOALS for my next 2 races...just finish them feeling good. Howl at the Moon will be ultra/marathon #100. Barkley Classic will be #101. I'll be happy if I'm healthy and injury-free after Barkley. No ruptured achilles tendons (potential side-effect of my antibiotic for next 6 months)!

It sure feels good to get out of bed, lace the running shoes, and hit the road for a run. does a body good.

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