Sunday, July 12, 2015

Double Digits = Double Tired

Yesterday I finally completed a double digit "long run."  It was barely 11 miles, but it was the longest run I've had since May.  This does not bode well for my upcoming ultra in 27 days. Those 11 miles really made me tired.  I'm sure it was partly due to the extreme humidity...and also the 100% water logged trail.  It ain't easy running with super-heavy and sloshy shoes and socks. But, I'm also realistic--I have no endurance. Can I gain that endurance in the next 4 weeks?  Probably not.

I'll do what I can over the next 4 weeks to develop my aerobic base. I know I need to remain patient as I build back to my previous fitness level. If I push too hard, it'll back fire. The last thing I need is a running injury. Slow and steady progress is the wise path to success. My "new" run-as-I-feel strategy has been good this past week. I'll continue to run by feel and not worry about pace. Or heart rate. Or efficiency. Just run as I see fit. I hope that's enough.

Of course, hoping only gets you so far. I need long runs. Eleven miles this weekend. Thirteen next weekend. Fifteen the next. Then rest for one weekend and run for 8 hours at the Howl ultra. With a patient run-walk strategy, I should be able to break 30 miles. Maybe even come close to...

No goals or Howl.  I'll certainly break 26.2 miles and likely exceed 31 miles. Any extra miles are pure bonus. One thing I know for sure...the day after Howl I'll be very tired. Double-tired. Maybe even triple-tired.

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