Saturday, July 18, 2015

Embrace Your Inner Masochist

Sometimes running isn't easy. I guess if it was easy, everyone would run. In races, you push hard and it hurts. In shitty running conditions, even your basic training runs are challenging. Fast intervals can suck. Extreme long runs are painful. Well, get over it!  Running isn't supposed to be easy all the time. You need to embrace the suck. Turn inward and appreciate your masochistic side. Enjoy the suffering.

Life for many runners, especially those in America, is generally pretty easy. We have basic needs taken care of--shelter, food, clean water. Many, like myself, have a pretty easy work life--office work with few physical demands. Eight hours of work and I return home to a fairly sheltered existence. Easy living. It's important to experience suffering every once in a while. Pain, distress, anxiety, frustration...they all build character and make success and happiness all that much better. When your running turns south, embrace it. Relish the discomfort. Find your inner masochist and enjoy the ride. You'll be a stronger runner and a tougher individual.

After you've learned to truly enjoy the pain, invite friends along for the suck-fest. Embrace your sadistic side too! My buffalo brethren don't call me "S&M" for nothing.

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